St Leonard’s Green Scheme – Donate

We are in the progress of setting up an online donation system that will allow donors to Gift Aid their contribution. It is intended that this will go “live” by the public launch of the Green Scheme on 9th June. Regular updates on the progress of the fundraising will go on this page too.

If you just can’t wait to contribute before then, please contact us by email and we will happily and gratefully work out a way to let you do so! And thank you so much – early donations are so useful to any project and really help us secure match funding from grant-awarding organisations.

Remember, to Sponsor a Pew, the large pews require £1500 and the smaller pews require £500. Don’t worry if you want to donate less (or more!) than that, ALL contributions are more than welcome. You may feel that it is just a drop in the ocean, but an ocean only exists because of all the drops that make it up!