From the Rector - October 2017

Dear Friends,

Benefice LogoThe observant among you may have noticed that we have been using a new logo for the Benefice.The old logo was a simple clip-art picture. Our friend Lynda Appleby, who you will know is an exceptionally talented artist living in the Donheads and is one of our elected Parochial Church Councillors, has designed a new one for us.

Lynda worked through several drafts trying to incorporate various architectural features of our six churches. We then looked at combinations of maps and other features. Lynda in the end came up with an image of St Bartholomew himself.

In one way it is incredibly simple; in another sense it conveys several intricacies and connections. The image created by Lynda is a depiction of a statue of St Bartholomew on the Great West Front of Salisbury Cathedral. The statue was made between 1867-69 by James Redfern. It is therefore a reminder to us that as all the churches and communities are connected through the Benefice, we have a wider connection through our Deanery and Diocese.We are connected wider still to all the church. We hope that this simple logo of an image of our Benefice patron will also be a continual reminder of our interconnectedness and mutual need for each other.

On the border between Semley parish and Donhead St Andrew there stood a Chapel, now incorporated into a house. St Bartholomew’s was a Roman Catholic Chapel served from Wardour and opened in 1887. Mass was said each Sunday from at least 1938 and it closed in 1960. I think it is a good thing that our Benefice reminds us also of the connections in faith with our brothers and sisters across the family of the church. On that note may I encourage you to attend a talk by Fr Luke Bell of the Order of St Benedict from Quarr Abbey on the 21st October 2017 at Tisbury Methodist Church - talk starts at 11.50 am with refreshments beforehand.

And a big thank you to Lynda!

Finally, on Sunday 29th October 2017 at 4.00 pm in St Mary’s Church, East Knoyle, we are having a service of remembrance for our departed loved ones. If you would like anybody remembered by name, please leave their details on the sheet in Church. Alternatively, send the information in an email to the Benefice Office by clicking here, and when the new window opens, click on the ‘Contact Form’ tab to send your email.

Yours ever,