From the Rector - November 2016


Dear Friends,

This month I would like to use my letter to tell you about two changes that we are making across the Benefice. In recent months we have recruited and trained a group of people to be a Lay Pastoral Visiting Team. They are available across the Benefice. If you would like a visit from one of the team then please let us know in the Benefice office on 830174. If you think someone else would benefit from this service please try to discuss this with them before you ask us to visit, as we will need their consent. If you would prefer to see someone from outside your community or would prefer to see someone of a specific gender then we are very happy to try to pair you with someone most suited to you. This does not mean that I am not happy to visit. I enjoy visiting and if you specifically would like to see me I would be happy to visit. If you need a specific kind of visit such as Home Communion please do ask and we will be very happy to arrange it.

Changes to the pattern of services from January 2017:

From the first week of my taking office I have been asked how I am going to change the pattern of services. I requested at Parochial Church Councils that I had some time to get to know how things work here. The background to this is that in recent years the Benefice has gone from having three full time members of staff to having one (me). The pattern of services when I arrived had regular services at 8.30, 9.30 for 10, 9.45, 10, 10.30, 11 and 6pm. On one of our Sundays there are three services at 9.45 and one at 10.30. This means on that Sunday we need at least four different people to be available and willing to take these services every month. In January I asked each PCC to appoint four people to meet and discuss the needs of their own church and community and also to think how all services work across the Benefice. In May we came together as one large group to think how we could go forward. We decided to change all (bar one) main service time to 9.30 and 11 and retain an 8.30 and 6pm. We have worked very hard to try to make sure that there are a range of services available each Sunday and that they are less in competition with each other than they are at the moment. This means that if there are five services a Sunday, which usually there are, l am able to do 8.30, a 9.30 an 11 and a 6pm. The gap between 9.30 and 11 means that there is a gap of 30 minutes which means I have 10 minutes to say goodbye, 10 minutes to drive to the next church and 10 minutes to prepare. The 15 minutes at the moment is not very satisfactory. Each week there is a Sung Eucharist at 9.30 and in time it is envisioned that this will have a Sunday School/Children's Church and a small choir attached to it that will move around the churches. Please study the new pattern carefully so you know what to expect. l hope you will find the new arrangements helpful.

Yours ever,


PS. Click here to print and/or download a copy of the new pattern of services.