From the Curate - September 2019

Dear Friends

As I write we are approaching the end of August and already we are making preparations for the restart of the year. August can be an unusual month when our usual routines change or completely disappear! The pressures of the school run or commute to work give way to a more relaxed start of the day as the holidays begin. New stresses can arise though as we wonder how to keep children and visitors entertained. It can sometimes feel like nothing is happening as clubs take a break and sometimes even our favourite cafe or hairdresser is closed as they too take a break.

Throughout August, however, there is also so much happening. It is a time when we hopefully find rest or a few extra hours in the day to ponder. Sometimes, time away from work makes us consider if we are in the right job or even career. For students it is a time of waiting. Waiting for results so as to be able to decide the next step of life's journey. Once the results are in there is then a flurry of activity as preparations are made to start a new term in a new place or new position.

We begin to realise that the quiet time we were expecting or may think others are having is actually very full. It is full because we have embraced a different relationship to time to the one we usually have in our normal daily routine. We can find ourselves in the present moment more and this is the main aim of taking time to rest. If we embrace the present moment we may notice people and things around us that we normally pass by in our rush to the next appointment or meeting. We can pause and have conversations we may usually miss the opportunity to have. In these moments we meet our surroundings, our neighbours and even our families in a more in-depth way.

This is the relationship God calls us into. One where we notice God as present in every moment of our day no matter what we are experiencing. God is with us in our busy routines and in our moments of rest and re-creation and invites us to notice God's beauty in our surroundings and the people we meet. God is a God of relationship between Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer and through the person of Jesus Christ we too are invited into that relationship. This relationship takes place in the present moment for time changes in this moment as we experience something of God's eternity. We glimpse it in our 'holiday mode' when we take time to notice our surroundings. We also glimpse it when we notice how time seems to drag when we are waiting for holidays to come or exam results to arrive but then speeds up as we start to plan for new terms or new jobs. We begin to get some understanding of how for God a day is like a thousand years whilst a thousand years is like a single day. I am hoping I will remember to embrace this present moment more often as the busyness of life starts again in September and beyond.

May God bless you with the rest you need and the time to embrace the present moment in everyday life.