From the Curate - April 2019

By the time you read this article we will have become used to the clocks having changed and us ‘losing an hour’ at the end of March. We will be enjoying lighter evenings and seeing the signs of new life in nature around us. It is a lovely time of year.

I am looking forward to experiencing spring and summer whilst living in a village. I’ve been told by a few local residents that we don’t tend to go out much on winter evenings. Having been out on moonless or overcast nights, I can see why! Even if we were all out and walking about, we still wouldn’t see each other! Just last week I received a telephone call in the evening from somebody trying to find the house. I told them there was a temporary A4 laminated sign on the gate. This didn’t really help matters so I decided to walk out to the road to see if I could see them and they me. As I opened the front door and walked out onto the road I realised the folly in my mission. Dressed all in black, on an evening when there was no break in the cloud meant I wouldn’t be seeing anybody and they certainly couldn’t see me. Then, as I peered into the darkness, I could see in the distance a faint blue glow and realised it may well be the individual’s mobile phone as they were talking to me. I turned on the torch on my mobile and started to wave it to try and show where I was. This plan worked and, a few minutes later, the person arrived. All this was rather comical at the time but it seemed somewhat fitting as i pondered the fact this was the first evening of a Lent course.

Soon, Lent will have gone and we will have celebrated Easter. We will be refreshed from our time of rest and our time of getting to know ourselves better during Lent as we struggled with things we gave up or learnt something in an activity we have taken on. We may, by attending church services, have engaged with Jesus’ journey leading from his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through his Last Supper with his disciples, his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, trial, crucifixion, death and resurrection. The greatest celebration is the easter Vigil when the Paschal (or Easter) Candle is lit from a fire and the light from this candle is brought into the unlit church. This small flame is so clear in that space and for Christians it reminds us of the light of Christ in our midst. As we move into the church the candles of the congregation are lit as we become bearers of Christ’s light into the world. To make known to all people that God loves us so much that God was prepared to become human and die for us to then show us the glory of the resurrection to which we are all called.

Like I found in the country lane, a tiny amount of light can be seen far away and can shatter the darkness that engulfs us. As we build community around us and engage more with each other as the evenings become lighter, we are reminded that where two or three are gathered then God is there in the midst of them. I believe we reflect the community of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit whenever we do our best to build community that looks out for each other. Our light as village communities shines bright when the lonely, bereaved and sick are cared for. I am a great believer that the Church follows Jesus’ teaching when it does all it can to help build communities and offer a home to community activities. As clergy, we are here to minister to all our parishioners which means you. If there is anything you would like to talk over or an event you feel the church would be good to be involved with then let us know. If we carry the light of Christ together, we can shine brightly and the darkness of loneliness or sickness can’t engulf that light but is shattered by it. We look forward to continuing in our ministry alongside you as the summer draws near.