St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - October 2017 Update

Appeal Update

Following the granting of a Faculty by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury in May 2017, the Friends Committee set about writing applications to those Trusts and Foundations that required us to have the Faculty before we could apply. These included a number of Trusts which could potentially give substantial grants. The Committee also wrote to Trusts which allowed a second application in a situation where all the required funds had not been raised. All these applications were completed by the end of July 2017.

In July, we were delighted to receive a second grant, of £5,000, from the Allchurches Trust. Then, in late August came the news that the Heritage Lottery Fund had awarded us a grant of £67,600 - 100% of what we had asked for. The Committee is very grateful to the Allchurches Trust and to the HLF and to all Lottery players for these grants.

With these two grants included, that takes the sum raised as at the 9th September 2017 to £402,000.

The PCC, Development Committee and Friends Committee now await the outcome of the applications to the remaining Trusts and Foundations.

Forthcoming Fundraising Events And Activities

The Village Produce Stall

The stall is open every day until the end of October at Crossrivers and sells a variety of plants, cuttings, seeds, fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Do have a regular look at what’s on offer as the stock changes daily. Chris (tel: 01747 828759) welcomes any contributions for the stall.

Later in the year……..

there will be the very popular Quiz Supper and ‘Call My Wine Bluff’, an evening of wine tasting with three expert bluffers.

Development Appeal Website

The Development Appeal website is regularly updated with the latest news about Appeal events and activities, the funds raised and the architects drawings for the Project. There is also a short video which gives an impression of what the church will look like once the project has been completed.

You can find the Website at

Our thanks to everyone in the village for their tremendous support.

George Lisle
St Andrew's Church Development Committee
Michael Hockney
The Friends of St Andrew's Church