Service of Nine Lessons With Carols - 22nd December 2019

The Service of Nine Lessons and Carols

will be held at

St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew


Sunday 22nd December 2019
at 4.30 pm

Sung by candlelight with choir and organ

With traditional congregational carols and readings for all the family

Lighted Candles

A collection will be taken to support the work of Juila's House Hospice.

After the service, there will be seasonal refeshments - mulled wine and mince pies.

All welcome !

St Andrew's Church All-Weather Summer Fete - 26th August 2019

fete bunting s

St Andrew's Church All-Weather Fete

Bank Holiday Monday, 26th August 2019
1.00 pm to 4.30 pm


Stoney Hills Field, Sans Lane, Donhead St Andrew, SP7 9LL

by kind permission of the Jeffrey Family

BBQ - Beer & Cider - Tea & Cakes
Pony Rides - Duck Shoot - Smash the Crockery
Family Fun & Sideshows
Books - Collectables & Bric-a-Brac - Cakes - Clothes & Shoes
Pictures - Plants - Preserves - Toys & Gifts
St Andrew's Church Friends’ Stall
Bottle Tombola - The Big Raffle - Silent Auction

Bell Street Jazz Band

Classic & Vintage Car and Bike Show Show

Live Auction of seasoned logs

St Andrew’s Annual Dog Show

You can find more detailed information about the Fete on the
St Andrew's Church Development Appeal website by clicking here.

Please do come along and join in the fun!

Click here to see a map showing the location of the Fete.

Raising funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Tisbus, Donhead Happy Gathering Club and St Andrew's Church



Collectables & Bric-a-Brac
All items please by 18th August - contact Michael, telephone: 01747 828833

Please make a cake, scones, pies, savouries, biscuits & fudge. Will collect - contact Juliet, telephone 01747 828395

Jams, marmalade and chutneys welcomed. Also cookery books - contact Liz, telephone 01747 828685

We’re after plants, fruit, vegetables, tied bunches, pots & vases, tools & gardening books - contact Ian, telephone 01747 828611

Paintings, prints, drawings, frames, sculptures & art books - contact Lynda, telephone 01747 829678

Books including children's books, but not dictionaries, manuals or text books, by 24th August - contact John & Jane, telephone 01747 828279

Toys, Games & Gifts
Including DVDs, CDs & records. Please deliver ASAP - contact Michael and Chris, telephone 01747 828739

Clean good-as-new clothes, shoes & accessories by 18th August - contact Edrys, telephone 01747 828430

Bottle Tombola
Bottles of wine, champagne and spirits much appreciated - contact Alastair, telephone 01747 828789

Silent Auction
Offers of lots please by 18th August - contact Elizabeth, telephone 01747 828833

Instant Sunshine, Donhead St Andrew Church - 29th February 2020

instant sunshine

A light-hearted and amusing cabaret evening of music, songs and words for all ages

Saturday 29th February 2020


6.30 pm


Donhead St Andrew Church, SP7 9EB

Tickets from Jane, tel: 01747 828279, or at the door
£8.00 and £4.00 for those in full-time education
Bar and fine wine raffle

In aid of the church’s new south aisle roof

Talk - 'Peking to Paris' - 22nd June 2019


Peking to Paris

In a 1934 Rolls-Royce
An illustrated 10,000 mile adventure story

by Sir John Stuttard

Saturday 22nd June 2019

New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL
6.00 for 6.45pm

In 1907, an adventurous group of motoring enthusiasts set off on the first race from Peking to Paris, and what an adventure it was, driving through many countries, some of which had barely seen a motor car.

In 1997, a new group met at Brooklands, and determined to repeat the run. This talk follows John Stuttard’s progress in a 1934 Rolls Royce painted in FT pink, among an assortment of other cars, all of which had to be over 30 years old.

Some way through the race, the organisers decided that the modern roads were just a little too tame, so they toughened up the rules. Just a bit.

See and hear John’s entertaining account of how it all happened.

Pink Rolls Royce

Tickets, £10 (£5 for those in full time education) to include canapes;
available from Jane, tel: 01747 828279, and Elizabeth, tel: 01747 828201

Bar and Fine Wine Raffle

In aid of St Andrew’s Church Development Appeal

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Quiz Supper, Donhead St Andrew - 23rd November 2019


Quiz Supper

Quizmaster: Michael York


Saturday 23rd November 2019


St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew, SP7 9EB

6.30 pm

Licensed Bar - Fine Wine Raffle

Make up a team of four to six - individual places also available

 Tickets - in advance only: £10.00 and £5.00 for those in full-time education - includes supper
- from Elizabeth (telephone: 01747 828201) or Jane (telephone: 01747 828279).

In aid of the St Andrew's Church Development appeal


Call My Wine Bluff, Charlton - 9th March 2019


Saturday 9th March 2019
New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL
6.30 pm

Join us for St Andrew’s version of the iconic television show ‘Call My Bluff'. Instead of guessing the meaning of an obscure word, you are asked to guess what wine you are drinking.

Glass and WineGlass and Wine 2We invite you to make up a table of six. Three white wines are served, one at a time, and three so-called experts try to persuade you what each wine is. You have to decide. Then the truth is revealed and teams get points if they are correct. After the supper interval the same happens with three red wines. If you can’t make up a table of six we can help.

£25 a head to include a glass of Prosecco and nibbles, three white and three red wines to taste, and a hot supper.
From: Alistair and Juliet, telephone 01747 828 789.

A knowledge of wine is absolutely not required and may even be a disadvantage!


St. Andrew's Church Development Project and Appeal - February 2019 Update

Update On The Building Work

The faulty interior wall plaster, which was holding moisture against the stonework, has been removed and the builders have completed the application of two layers of new breathable lime plaster. The walls are drying at present and then the final layer of coloured lime piaster will be painted on. The colour has been selected after several weeks of trying different colours in different lights.

The building contractors will then clean all the clerestory windows, replace two or three cracked panes of glass and remove dust and cobwebs from the stonework and timbers.

Once high level light fittings have been installed, the scaffold inside the church will be removed and the new limestone floor will be laid. Whilst the scaffolding has been in place, it has provided an opportunity to view the mediaeval stone corbels at close quarters. They are remarkably fine carvings, largely of angels. One of them is completely different; it is the face of a man; we think it may be that of one of the original stonemasons. We are going to photograph all the corbels for a future edition of the history of St Andrew’s Church.

In the last report, we mentioned that a chamber has been discovered beneath die floor of the vestry and boiler house site. It contained an older boiler, which was riddled with very hazardous blue asbestos. This has been dealt with by the specialists. Work has now started on the foundations for building the new extension.

As described in the last report, apart from delaying the project, there have been considerable cost implications from the discovery of asbestos in two additional locations. In total, dealing with asbestos has added about £45,000 to the project budget. But, of course, there is no question but that the work has had to be done as a priority.

Update On The Development Appeal

As a result of the extra costs involved in dealing with the asbestos, we have redoubled our fundraising efforts.

The annual Quiz Supper, masterminded by Michael and Christine York, raised more than £1,000. Our thanks to Michael and Christine. It was a very well-attended evening and great fun. A delicious supper was prepared by members of the Friends Committee; our thanks to them too.

This helped take the total raised in 2018 to £86,000. Which means the total sum raised to date stands at £559,000.

Just under half of this has been raised locally and just over half from Trusts and Foundations. But we still need more, so any further contributions would be much appreciated.

‘Give A Chair’ Appeal

Fifty-four are already funded within the Development Project budget. The plan is to buy a further seventy chairs.

The ‘Give A Chair Appeal was launched in October 2018.

So far, twenty-six chairs have been funded by locals In Memoriam, to mark a birth, baptism, wedding, wedding anniversary' or death or just as a contribution.

Further details about the new chairs and how to give one are to be found on the SACDA website -

Our Next Fundraising Event - ‘Call My Wine Bluff’

Alistair and Juliet Stoker are running this event in the New Remembrance Hall, Charlton on Saturday 9th March 2019.  For more details, click here.

The evening will be great fun so please join us.

The Village Produce Stall

The Stall, selling bulbs, seeds, cuttings and vegetables, opens on 1st March 2019. Do have a regular look at what's on offer as the stock changes daily.

Friends Of St Andrew’s Church Annual General Meeting

This is to be held at Donhead St Mary Village Hall on Saturday 16th March 2019 at 10.00 am. It is open to all members of the Friends and is an opportunity for new Friends to join.

For more information about the Development Project, the Appeal and what else Is going on at St Andrew’s Church, visit

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St. Andrew's Church Development Appeal - June 2019 Update

Update on the Building Work

The high level light fittings and the sound system have been installed and the scaffolding inside the church has been removed. Whilst the scaffolding was still in place, the building contractors cleaned all the clerestory windows, replaced two or three cracked panes of glass and removed dust and cobwebs from the stonework and timbers.

The new Portland limestone floor has been laid in the Nave; we hope that the flooring will very soon be completed in the Chancel and in the Tower. The Font will be moved from the base of the Tower to its original - and liturgically correct - position near the main door into the church.

The construction of the new extension, housing the Parish Room, kitchen and disabled WC is now almost at roof level. The new masonry has been finely crafted, incorporating stone from the Victorian vestry.

The external stonework on one section of the north wall of the Nave, which has been badly affected by water ingress from faulty guttering and downpipes, is in the process of being repaired.

Update on the Development Appeal

The Call My Wine Bluff evening on 9th March 2019 was great fun and a huge success The three wine bluffers - Jane MacQuitty, Tim Harry and Michael Hockney - did a great job in confusing the audience. Alastair Stoker was Master of Ceremonies; Juliet Stoker produced a delicious supper. Alastair and Juliet are to be thanked for organising such an enjoyable event. The evening added over £2,000 to Appeal funds.

Contributions have continued to come from villagers and former villagers and from Trusts and Foundations, including a recent and most welcome anonymous grant of £35,000, a third grant from the Beatrice Laing Foundation of £10,000 and a grant of £3,000 from the Community Foundation of Wiltshire.

All of this has brought the total raised in the first four months of 2019 to £58,000 - which means the total sum raised by the Appeal to the end of April 2019 stands at £617,000.

Just under half of this has been raised locally and just over half from Trusts and Foundations.

But we still need more, so any further contributions would be much appreciated.

‘Give a Chair’ Appeal

The funding of fifty-four chairs is already included within the Development Project budget.

Beyond that, the PCC’s plan was to buy a further seventy chairs, so the ‘Give A Chair’ Appeal was launched in October 2018.

So far, forty-seven chairs have been funded by locals In Memoriam, to mark a birth, baptism, wedding, wedding anniversary or death, or just as a contribution.

Further details about the design of the new chairs and how to fund one of the remaining 23 chairs are to be found on the SACDA website by clicking here.

Our Next Fundraising Event - An Illustrated Talk

Sir John Stuttard, a former Lord Mayor of London and a resident of Shaftesbury, is giving an illustrated talk on Saturday 22nd June 2019 on his amazing journey from Peking to Paris in his pink Rolls Royce.

For more details please see the advertisement by clicking here.

The Village Produce Stall

The Stall, selling bulbs, plants, seeds, cuttings and vegetables, opened on 1st March 2019 at the Crossrivers junction in the village. Do have a regular look at what’s on offer as the stock changes daily.

Friends 2019 AGM

This was held at Donhead St Mary Village Hall on the morning of Saturday 16th March 2019. A full set of the reports given at the meeting can be found on the SACDA website by clicking here.

For more information about the Development Project, the Appeal and what else is going on at St Andrew's Church, visit

Michael Hockney
Chairman, The Friends of St Andrew's Church

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St. Andrew's Church Development Appeal - October 2019 Update

Update on the Development Project

The main contractor has finished work in the church itself. The new underfloor heating, lighting and sound systems are operational. The new radiators have been fitted with child-safe covers. A new platform has been made for the organ. The new limestone floor has had four coats of protective sealant. The new oak screen at the junction of the Tower and Chancel has been fitted.

Members of the congregation have twice given the church a good clean, waxed the furniture and polished up the brass.

The next step is for the main contractor to finish work on the new extension. We will then have a disabled wc with baby-changing facilities, a well-equipped kitchen, large storage cupboards and the spacious Parish Room-cum-Vestry. All of the new furnishings and almost all of the furniture will be delivered and installed by 12th October.

Work on the graveyard will be starting as soon as possible. The PCC’s plan for the churchyard as a place of rural peace and quiet will take two years or more to come to fruition. In addition to grassed areas, a wild flower meadow with cut paths and a couple of benches are planned.

Update on the Development Appeal

Thanks to a generous grant from a charitable trust, the PCC now has the funding to be able to complete the Development Project. There are a small number of items which still require funding so the Friends will continue to run fundraising activities for the time being.

The Village Produce Stall will remain open until the end of October.

The next event will be the annual Quiz Supper, held for the first time in St Andrew’s Church. For details about this popular occasion, please see the separate advertisement on the SACDA website.

Update on the Chair Appeal

So far, 50 of the 70 additional chairs have been funded by villagers, former villagers and other supporters. Each of the beautiful oak chairs will have a plaque on it which explains the purpose of the gift of the chair. This may be In Memoriam, to mark a birth or anniversary or simply a recognition of being part of the church and village community.

If anyone would like to fund one of the remaining chairs, please contact the Friends’ Honorary Treasurer, Danuta Tagg, on 828106 for more details about how to do this and how Gift Aid may be applicable.

Some bad news

In early September thieves stole the lead off the roof of the south aisle of the church. This is the aisle closest to St Bartholomew’s Street. With thanks to Natalie Massenet, her building contractors at Donhead House immediately covered up the wooden roof timbers; so far rain has not penetrated into the re-furbished church.

The PCC took immediate steps to get the roof re-surfaced with zinc and contacted the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the church’s insurance company.

The Re-opening of St Andrew’s Church

Because of the number of villagers and former villagers who have been involved in the Development Project and the Appeal and the number of other guests who should be invited (representatives of the Trusts and Foundations which have supported us, the craftspeople and professional advisers involved, Diocesan officials and clergy and many others who have helped in so many ways) the PCC has decided to hold two services. One will be on Saturday 12th October and one on Sunday 13th October.

Because of the capacity of the church and in order to plan the catering effectively, invitations with an RSVP for both services have already gone out, including one to every member of the Donhead St Andrew village community.

The old noticeboard alongside St Bartholomew’s Street fell apart during the winter months. A new noticeboard has been commissioned.

Forthcoming Services at St Andrew’s Church

From Monday 14th October, there will be services in the church on Sundays and during the week.

Remembrance Sunday – 10th November – 10.45 am

The Service begins in the Cemetery in Lower Street and continues in church
A collection will be taken to support our Armed Forces

Carol Service – 22nd December – 4.30 pm

The Festival of Nine Lessons with Carols with choir and organ
For all members of the family
A collection will be taken to support a local hospice
Followed by mulled wine and mince pies


St. Andrew's Church News - December 2019

Development Project and Appeal

The building work was completed by the end of the first week of October 2019. During the month of August, September and early October, other suppliers and craftspeople brought in the new fittings, furniture, restored organ and other equipment. On two occasions, large groups of villagers cleaned the church, polished the brass and waxed the furniture.

Inevitably, there is a list of snagging to be addressed. The Development Committee expects that these will be dealt with before Christmas.

The Development Appeal is now closed as the Development Project has been fully funded. A full report on the Project and the Appeal will be made at the AGM of the Friends in March 2020 and at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in April 2020.

The PCC would like to thank everyone for their contributions in so many ways to the Project and the Appeal. It has been an amazing team effort over the last eight years involving so many members of our community.

We should also add that the Bishop of Salisbury and the Lord Lieutenant have been enthusiastic Patrons of our Development Appeal. They have taken great interest in our progress over the last eight years, however slow it has seemed at times. They have helped with suggestions as to where to look for funding. The Parochial Church Council offered them both our thanks.

The Theft Of The Lead From The South Aisle Roof

This happened in early September 2019. We quickly received permission from the Diocese to replace the lead with zinc, which thieves do not want. Quotations for the work were sought and one accepted. The insurance company has made its payment. A generous villager has also contributed. It now remains to raise the outstanding sum of £3,250. The income from forthcoming Friends’ events will help. Other contributions would be most welcome; please contact the PCC Hon Treasurer, Alistair Stoker FCA on 828789 if you would like to help.

It is a relief, given the large number of thefts of lead from church roofs across the County and country, that there is no longer any lead on the roofs of St Andrew’s Church.

Celebrations For The Re-Opening Of St Andrew’s Church

On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019, St Andrew’s Church re-opened after nearly two years of building work and after nearly eight years since the PCC, Friends Committee and Development Committee embarked on the Development Project and Development Appeal. On Saturday 12th October 2019, a Sung Eucharist was celebrated by the Right Reverend Nicholas Holtam, Lord Bishop of Salisbury in the presence of her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mrs Sarah RoseTroughton. For the service, the Bishop wore one of the new sets of vestments, funded from Appeal income.

We also welcomed representatives of the twenty-six national and county Trusts and Foundations that have generously supported the Appeal; some of them two or three times. The service was also attended by the Chancellor of the Diocese and the Archdeacon of Sarum. Many villagers, past and present attended, including the Jeffery family whose connection with the church and the village goes back to the early nineteenth century.

The Lord Lieutenant read the Old Testament lesson and the Chancellor read the Epistle. Zillah Gillespie and Frances Smart took up the Offertory of wafers and wine to the altar.

It was good to welcome to the service many of the craftsmen and craftswomen who had worked on the church: Richard Shean of Shean & Hare the main contractors; Brian Watts of PWCR our architect; Stephen Cooke organ builder who renovated the organ: Claire Anderson who regilded the organ pipes; Phil Critchlow who repainted the organ case; Harry Jonas stonemason and letter carver who created the plaque on the east wall.

The beautifully-restored organ sounded amazing in the new and much-improved acoustic in the church. There were a few ‘teething’ problems during the service, but fortunately the organ builder was on hand and was able to pop into the back of the organ during the service and make small adjustments when the odd squeak or nimble occurred.

The Choir of twenty excelled themselves, singing Stanford’s setting of Psalm 150, the Mass of St Thomas by David Thorne, a rarely-sung setting of the Jubilate by Albert, Prince Consort and Stainer’s hauntingly-beautiful Sevenfold Amen.

After the service, everyone enjoyed a delicious tea, served from the new kitchen with great ease. Many of those present remarked on how warm the church was, thanks to the new underfloor heating and on the appearance and comfort of the new oak chairs.

On Sunday 13th October, the village community filled the church for a Family Service. Almost every chair was in use. The service was led by the Rector and the Assistant Curate, who moved around the church during the service, reminding everyone of the significance of the Font (now moved back to its original and liturgically-correct position), the Lectern and the Altar. The theme focussed on the role of St Andrew’s Church in the village, building and supporting the community. Members of the community read the Lessons and said Prayers. Some of the children of the village took up the Offertory.

The Choir again sang very well, including a setting of Psalm 23 and John Rutter’s ’The Lord Bless You and Keep You’. The organ behaved impeccably. Nearly 80 villagers then returned an hour later to find the church laid out with long tables for a sit-down lunch, prepared by Marcus Deyes; Marcus has a catering company and lives in the village. Everyone sat at the new folding tables and used the new crockery, cutlery and glasses for the first time.

It was marvellous to welcome back to St Andrews’s, Lady (Mary) Holmes and her daughter. They had flown in specially from America for the services and to see and hear the newly-restored organ, funded by Lady Holmes in memory of her late Step-Father, who was an eminent organist and Bach scholar in America.

Remembrance Sunday

The Service of Remembrance took place on Sunday 10th November 2019 starting at the graveyard in Lower Street and then continuing in church. Older villagers have said that they cannot recall seeing such a large turnout at the Service. The large congregation included young people.

The Choir sang Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum’ and Sydney Nicholson’s ‘Bow Down Thy Ear’. The National Anthem was preceded by Gordon Jacob’s stirring Fanfare and the Service concluded with the playing on the organ of ‘Nimrod’ from Elgar’s ‘Enigma Variations’.

After the Service, sherry and savoury biscuits were enjoyed by the congregation.

The new purple altar frontal was used for the first time.

The Chair Appeal

There are now 51 chairs in St Andrew’s Church which have been donated by present and former members of the village community. Each has a plaque on it. They reveal a wide range of reasons for the gift: births, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, In Memoriam and just to mark an individual or family living here in Donhead St Andrew.

Nineteen chairs remain to be funded. If you are interested in funding one of these, please get in touch with the Hon.Treasurer of the Friends on 01747 28106 for further details.

Friends Annual General Meeting

The Friends AGM, to report on the 2019 year, will take place on Saturday 14th March 2020 at 9.45 am in St Andrew’s Church.

At this meeting a full report will be given on the Appeal finances and on the Development Project. On this occasion, the meeting will be open to all villagers at the conclusion of the Appeal.

The Carol Service

The traditional Festival of Nine Lessons with Carols will take place in St Andrew’s Church on Sunday 22nd December 2019 at 4.30 pm, followed by refreshments in church.

Everyone will enjoy singing the popular congregational carols; young people are especially welcome. Villagers will read the Lessons, lead the Prayers and take the Collection. This year we will be supporting Julia’s House Children’s Hospice. More details can be found by clicking here.

Quiz Supper, Donhead St Andrew - 1st December 2018


Annual Village Quiz Supper

Quizmaster: Michael York


Saturday 1st December 2018


New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0LP

6.30 pm

Licensed Bar - Fine Wine Raffle

Make up a team of four to six - individual places also available

 Tickets - in advance only: £10.00 and £5.00 for those in full-time education - includes supper
- from Elizabeth (telephone: 01747 828201) or Jane (telephone: 01747 828279).

In aid of the St Andrew's Church Development appeal