Roots Club

roots sThis is a lunchtime time club like Sunday School which runs every week in Semley School and Ludwell School. The Roots Club material ties in with the same Bible stories that we use in church.

We listen to a story, sing a song, play a game and make something. At the end we go home with an activity sheet.

It’s all about having fun and remembering that God is always with us every day at school and at home as well as in church.

Men's Breakfast

men's breakfastOn a Saturday morning around three times a year our ‘Mens Breakfast’ meet in Semley school hall.

As well as a big, full, fried breakfast, we have a visiting speaker who leads us on a topical discussion. Recent topics included medical ethics, life as a front line army chaplain and Christianity in the media.


Look out for the next Men's Breakfast and be sure to sign up - all are most welcome!



open the bookWe are involved at Hindon, Ludwell and Semley primary schools, helping with RE and taking assemblies. We now have two teams - Semley and Ludwell - who take part in the Open the Book project. This project presents Bible stories in a fun and accessible way that the children love. The stories are dramatically read, with the use of basic props and costumes.

If you would like to join an Open the Book team or would like to find out more about what we do in schools, please let us know.


Open the Book at Semley School - Narrator Required

Do you have an hour to spare on a Thursday morning?

What a silly question!

I don’t suppose any of us have a spare hour, but if it was re-phrased to “Could you find a spare hour on a Thursday morning” perhaps that would grab your interest.

open the book

For some years now a small team of dedicated people have met every Thursday morning during the Autumn and Spring terms at Semley Primary School to re-enact the Bible stories to the school in a prescribed format. There is usually a Narrator plus two or more “actors” and possibly help from the school children. These assemblies are greatly enjoyed by the whole school (and the staff as well, I think!). Sadly one of our team, who mostly narrates, is having to step down due to health reasons, and so we are looking for someone who could replace him. Acting in front of the school, if you have never done it, can be a bit scary, but if you are happy to stand up and read from a script in a lively manner whilst the rest of us do the acting, we would love to hear from you.

We meet in the school hall at 9.45am for a short run-through before the children come in for the assembly and our Open The Book offering at 10.10am. We are usually finished by 10.30am.

Please do contact Theresa on 01747 829188 if you think you could help, or leave a message at the school reception, or contact the Rector on 01747 830174.

We look forward to hearing from you.