Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - January 2019

We continue to pray for all in need in our Benefice, so please do contact Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Theresa (tel: 01747 829188), or The Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174) with any news or requests for Prayer.

Every single one of us has need of help in some aspect of our lives so let's begin 2019 acknowledging the need for help in our daily lives. This prayer of St. Anselm is a good one to use regularly.

O Lord our God,
teach our hearts this day
where and how to see you,
where and how to find you.
You have made and remade us,
and you have given us all the good things we possess,
and still we do not know you.
We have not yet done that for which we were created.
Teach us to seek you,
for we cannot seek you unless you teach us,
or find you unless you show yourself to us.
Let us seek you in our longing,
let us long for you in our seeking.
Let us find you by loving you,
Let us love you when we find you.  Amen