Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - August 2019

Many of you have requested prayer these last months but we are always ready to listen and pray for you. Do keep asking - contact Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Theresa (tel: 01747 829188), or The Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174).

Looking back I realised that it is four years since Richard and Anna came to us. The following is the Prayer I used as Prayer of the Month then as we anticipated their arrival. It is still very appropriate and can never be prayed enough.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
teach us to walk in your way more trustfully,
to accept Your truth more faithfully,
and to share Your life more lovingly.
By the power of the Holy Spirit
guide us in our work for Your Church,
so that we may become as one family,
wanting only to serve You and our community.