Benefice Services & Events

This section of the web site describes the services and events which have been arranged for the whole Benefice.

Advent and Christmas Services in the Benefice - 2018

Advent and Christmas will be celebrated at services in Churches throughout the Benefice as follows:

Sunday 2nd December
6.00 pm: Advent Carols - St Leonards's, Semley. Click here for more information.

Sunday 9th December
6.00 pm: Advent Praise - St Mary's, East Knoyle. For more details, click here.

Follow The Star

Sunday 16th December
6.30 pm: Carol Service - St Mary's, East Knoyle

Sunday 23rd December
4.30 pm: Nine Lessons and Carols - St Mary's, Donhead St Mary. Click here for more information about this service.
6.30 pm: Carol Service - St Catherine's, Sedgehill

Monday 24th December - Christmas Eve
9.00 am: Said Eucharist - St Leonard's, Semley
3.00 pm: Crib Service - St John's, Charlton. For more information, click here.
6.00 pm: Carols with Lanterns - St Leonard's, Semley. Click here for more details.
11.30 pm: Midnight Mass - St Mary's, Donhead St Mary

Tueday 25th December - Christmas Day
9.30 am: Christmas Sung Eucharist - St Leonard's, Semley
10.00 am: Christmas Morning Service - St Catherine's, Sedgehill
11.00 am: Christmas Sung Eucharist - St Mary's, Donhead St Mary
11.00 am: Christmas Sung Eucharist - St Mary's, East Knoyle

Sunday 30th December
9.30 am: Benefice Eucharist - St Catherine's, Sedgehill
11.00 am: Family Service / Carols - St John's, Charlton

All are welcome - please do come and join us.

Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - December 2018

The Prayer Cycle is always there - for your requests or thank-you’s. Contact Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Theresa (tel: 101747 829188), or The Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174).

Sometimes it is easy to think that Prayer does not achieve anything, that it is just saying things into an empty, silent space where no one is listening. But, this year there have been some remarkable positive answers to our prayers. We have known those who have recovered from illness and others who have had so much longer with their loved ones than the doctor's thought possible. Those who have found an inner peace and the ability to face their troubles and those who have found new friends and new interests to make life seem worthwhile again.

Of course, sometimes we have not had the answers we would have liked, sometimes we have wondered "Why?" But we in the Prayer Group do believe Prayer makes a difference and we do feel honoured when you approach any one of us and ask us to pray.

Prayer of the Month

This Prayer is inspiring us to look at the past year and pray for the new year to come as we think of the virtues of Saints who followed God all their lives.

You might even get the children to go to the Library and look up some of these Saints as a Christmas Project!

Heavenly Father,
Help us to follow the example of Alden the patient one.
May we walk in the steps of Cuthbert, the gentle one.
Give us the grace to tread the path of Hilda, the wise one.
Encourage us to live as Chad, the willing one.
May we journey on the Pilgrim Way as Cedd, the travelling one.

*** NEW *** Messy Church - Semley

Messy Church

Activities - Songs - Food
Crafts - Games - Stories 

Messy Church on the fourth Saturday of the month in term time
at Semley Primary School.

From 11.00 am to 1.00 pm
** Lunch included **

Young children to be accompanied by an adult

Fun for all ages

If you are interested in helping, please contact the Rectory on 01747 830174

*** NEW *** The Text This Week

text this weekBible study in the Rectory, Semley - “The Text This Week”

On Thursdays at 7:30pm, during term-time.

The first session is on 20th September 2018 - everyone is welcome.

The idea is that we will explore the text for the coming Sunday (over a glass of wine or cup of tea...)

Come each week - drop in - come when you're reading - it's up to you !

*** NEW *** Evening Eucharist - Thursdays at St Leonard’s Church, Semley


There will be a Eucharist (25-30 minutes) at 7.00 pm in St Leonard’s Church, Semley on Thursdays during term time for those who wish to come and worship before ‘The Text This Week’ session - or for anyone else.

All are most welcome.

New Year — New Choir

The new Roving Choir for the Benefice - come and join us!

A new Roving Choir is being formed for the churches of Charlton, the Donheads, East Knoyle, Sedgehill and Semley.

What is involved?

singing choir sWe will be singing at the main Sung Eucharist at 9.30 arn each Sunday with a short rehearsal at 9.00 am, and an early-evening practice on Wednesdays:

1st Sunday of the month: St Leonard’s Semley
2nd Sunday: Donhead St Mary (but will return to Donhead St Andrew when it reopens)
3rd Sunday: St Mary’s East Knoyle
4th Sunday: Donhead St Mary
5th Sunday: St Catherine’s Sedgehill
(Occasionally we may sing at St John’s Charlton instead)

There may be additional special services for major church Festivals, and possible invitations to sing at weddings.

Come and join us and make a real contribution to worship in all our churches! It’s open to adults and children from about 6 years old upwards - so long as you can read the words of straightforward hymns fairly well. If you can’t read music already, we’ll help you learn. Try it for a few weeks - we hope that you will enjoy it enough to want to stay.

Have fun making music with like-minded people, and learn musical skills that you can use throughout your life. Sing a variety of music from simple unison songs to full harmony in the rich heritage of church repertoire - from Tudor music to living composers; the music will be chosen to suit the available singers. There will be opportunities to take part in festivals and training courses with other church choirs; and also for social and fun events.

Don’t worry if you can’t commit to every week, or would prefer to sing mainly at your “own” church - we’d rather see you sometimes than not at all. (But it will help us to plan if you let us know in advance when you can come.)

All choir members still in full-time education will be paid £1 extra pocket money for each practice or service you attend (paid monthly), rising to £1.50 as you gain more experience!

First practices: Wednesdays 10th, 17th and 24th January 2018 at Donhead St Mary’s Church: Children 5.30-6.30pm; adults 6-7pm. First service: Sunday 28th January at Donhead St Mary. Thereafter, Wednesday practices will be in the same church as the following Sunday’s service -
new members can join the choir at any time.

Want to know more?
Contact Jill, Choir Director: telephone: 01747 830625. Alternatively, you can contact Jill by email from this website - click here, and when the new page opens, select the 'Contact Form' to send your message.

Benefice Pastoral Visiting Team

We have a trained team of visitors, both ordained and lay, who are available to visit anyone who would like a visit, a chat or some company

For more details, please telephone Sandra, the Pastoral Visitng Team Co-ordinator, on 01747 830471, or the Beneifce Office on 01747 830174.

Midweek Services in the Benefice


The following services are normally held on weekdays in the Benefice:

a.  Morning Prayer

  • In St Mary's Church, East Knoyle, at 9.00 am on Mondays.
  • In St Mary's Church, Donhead St Mary, at 9.00 am on Wednesdays.
  • In St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew, at 9.00 am on Thursdays. Note - midweek morning prayer will NOT be taking place at St Andrew's Church until the church re-opens after the building work has been completed.

b.  Eucharist

  • In St Leonard's Church, Semley, at 10.00 am am on Tuesdays.
  • In St Leonard's Church, Semley at 10.00 am on Wednesdays.

c.  *** New *** Thursday Evening Eucharist at 7.00 pm in St Leonard's Church, Semley. For more information, click here.

Please do come and join us at these services - all are most welcome.

Benefice Choir

singing choir sThe Benefice Choir is based at St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew, but membership is drawn from across the Benefice. The Choir sings for six services a year and rehearses on the four Fridays before each service. Since its inception, it has grown to around eighteen adult singers. The repertoire is wide-ranging from early music to living composers.


Prayer Circle

Praying HandsThe Prayer Circle meets about every six weeks for one to one-and-a-half hours hours. Our meeting starts with a Prayer, a Bible Reading and some thoughts on the text. Then we review the Prayer List and bring it up to date. We end with a short Prayer and the Grace. We have tea and coffee so that we are sharing in every way. Our commitment is that we all pray regularly for the people on our list. One of us takes the annotated Prayer List home and updates it for the coming period of time.

Each month, we ask for information of need in the Parish Magazine. We also furnish The Prayer of the Month item for the Parish Magazine with a note of why the particular prayer was chosen. On occasions, we publish an extra article in the magazine and, with the person's permission, we tell of answers to prayer.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Prayer Circle, wish to join the group, or would like to submit a prayer request to the Circle, please contact Rev'd June, telephone 01747 828427. Alternatively, you can send Rev'd June an email from this website - to send the email, click here and when the new page opens, select the 'Contact Form' tab, and then complete the form.

Benefice Monthly Magazine - 'Parish News'

parish news sNews and events from around the Benefice of St Bartholomew are published in the monthly magazine 'Parish News'. If you wish to write a piece for the magazine or submit an advert for the publication, please contact the Editor, Suzanne, telephone 01747 830456. If you prefer, you can send an email via this web site to the Editor - click here to open the contact form to send the email.


Articles must be with the Editor by 23rd of each month to ensure publication in the following month's edition.

Partnership between Chalke Deanery and Diocese of Cueibet, South Sudan

Partnerership Logo
The Benefice of St Bartholomew is part of the Chalke Deanery. In 2012, the Deanery established a partnership with the Diocese of Cueibet, one of the Dioceses in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. Click here to learn more about this Partnership, and find out about the visit to Cueibet made in November 2014 by a team of five people from the Deanery, including our former Curate, Rev'd Alice Goodall.